Tony Alva, the man, the dream. 

Tony Alva is the man I craved to be like all through high school, he was the inspiration behind my shenanigans, skipping school, buying skateboards and catching buses leading to know where for an adventure. He was the connection I made with a bestfriend, turned lover, turned lesson. Tony Alvas legend has left trails in all of my paths and has truly inspired me to live free yet take every moment seriously to your advantage. This legend will be in my hometown of Providence, RI this friday. I feel chills. I am going, and I am going to freak out. Its sad that im sure he’s heard it a million times before and he prob won’t give a shit about my sob story and admiration towards him, and I prob won’t even try to tell him. No matter, it will be great to meet him in person and feel accomplished in getting to shake his hand. Much respect. ugh.

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  • Posted: 09 April 2013